Room for Design LLC

Room for Design LLC was founded in Year 2000 in Southlake, Texas. For the first few years, the Company specialized in the renovation and interior design of Texas ranch houses and large residential projects. This included restoration and refurbishing of kitchens, living areas and master bedrooms and baths. Consequently, the core business of Room for Design, LLC over the past 10 years has been the restoration, redesign and interior design of expensive homes and Texas ranches. This includes interior design and redesign of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and patios.

Room for Design quickly became popular among those homeowners who wanted to transform the homes they purchased into something more personally appealing to their own tastes. Over the next seven years, the Company has grown solely by word of mouth, staying small by design, and selectively taking on a limited number of projects where it feels it has the freedom to control the project for an appealing end result.

Room for Design specializes in providing its clients pragmatic solutions to interior design problems, so that any investment in interior design services, restoration, repainting, etc. provides back a commensurate increase in the value of the real estate asset. Room for Design has a specialization in Western and Mediterranean design themes, a look that is widely popular in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Unlike other interior design firms that outsource many artistic functions, Room for Design is able to control the final output by virtue of a hands-on approach.