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Room for Design, which is based in Southlake, Texas, has extensive experience with medical office interior design, especially related to specialty centers.

Room for Design, for example, is the preferred interior design firm for Prizm Development, Inc. ( which has most experience in the nation related to Center of Excellence development in the niche of spine centers. Prizm has beendeveloping spine centers of excellence for more than 20 years.

During 2006, Room for Design, LLC contracted with Prizm Development, Inc. to provide interior design services for a new spine center in California and a new spine center in New Jersey. These two projects are shown in the case study portion of this Internet site.

Prizm Development Inc. works with spine surgeons and non-surgical spine specialists to set up multi-disciplinary spine centers around the nation. These spine centers combine under one roof orthopedic surgeons who are fellowship-trained in spine, neurosurgeons who specialize in spine, physical medicine physicians, spine therapists, an exercise gym, digital x-ray and injection suites.

Unlike other medical facilities, Prizm Development is extremely demanding related to the look of these new Centers of Excellence. Unlike traditional spine treatment facilities that resemble a standard medical practice and emphasize passive “lie on yours stomach” treatments, all Prizm facilities are space-planned by Prizm to have a line of sight from the reception desk to the exercise gym, which infers an activity approach to recovery. By design, the patient learns from the beginning that this spine center is a new approach to treatment of back and neck care.

The other aspect of Prizm spine centers of excellence is that they project an upscale look in the reception areas.

All reception areas, for example, use incandescent light to provide a warmer, more yellow lighting cast. By contrast, the standard medical office may use fluorescent lighting which provides a colder, bluish cast.

Prizm spine centers of excellence make use of wood reception counters, natural wood floors, soffits with incandescent drop down lighting, warm earth tones in carpet and paint selections and natural stone on floors and walls. The net result is that when a person with back pain or neck pain arrives at a Prizm spine center, they realize immediately they have arrived at the most prestigious center for back care in the region.



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